Friday, June 14, 2013

GMPS Screening at Seattle's EMP Museum "Sky Church"…Daily!

The EMP Museum in Seattle is a pretty amazing place. I and a few other filmmakers were taken on a tour by museum curator Brooks Peck back in January when Giant Monster Playset screened at the Science Fiction + Fantasy Film Festival (a museum sponsored event).

Just one of the incredible sights (& sounds) there is a thing called the Sky Church….a huge room housing the largest indoor LED screen in the world, powered by an 85,000 watt JBL sound system. Honestly my first thought was "my kids would love to play Xbox on that" (and the Museum has that covered- they host video game nights there).

So I was not a little blown away when I received an email from the program manager asking if they could make Giant Monster Playset part of the daily content that screens at Sky Church.

So beginning today if you happen to be in the Seattle area you can see GMPS bigger and louder than ever at the EMP Museum. 

Oh and you can see a whole slew of much cooler stuff like: 

The "Can't Look Away" Horror film exhibit (original pages from Bram Stoker's Dracula, Jack Nicholson's ax from The Shining, the original H.R. Giger Alien from the Ridley Scott film, and one of my favorites…that terrifying flying silver knife-ball from Phantasm)

The Icons of Science Fiction (Captain Kirk's command chair, Darth Vader's light saber, Robbie the Robot…the list goes on.)

HUGE THANKS to everyone at the EMP Museum for this honor!
Stay Tuned…getting set to release GMPS online and on DVD this summer!

Visit the official site. Preview/order the official soundtrack.