Saturday, October 11, 2008

Popmonster Gear: my guit-fiddles

Pictured here are the guitars I've used on the Popmonster project as well all of the Edmund's Crown albums.

BACK ROW, L to R: Epiphone G400 SG custom, Epiphone Gold Les Paul (this one's on loan from a friend), Epiphone Riviera, Epiphone Les Paul Special w/ P90's, Epiphone Texan.
FRONT ROW, L to R: Epiphone Dreadnought, Fender mid 70's Jazz Bass, Fender Telecaster (w/ Joe Barden and Semour Duncan vintage pickups)
RED COUCH: my wife picked this up at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago for cheap. Purdy!

I use the telecaster a lot when recording. The custom pick ups give it a nice range of tones to choose from. It's all over the Edmund's Crown projects. The images on it are vintage Famous Monsters magazine covers. For Popmonster, I used the black SG a lot, mostly because it hangs on the wall in our guest room/my studio and is easily reached!

Live I use my buddy Dave's gold Les Paul. Gonna have to get my own one of these days. (live pic by Paul Conrad)

Hear these guitars.

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