Friday, October 17, 2008

Influences: Sam Phillips, Cruel Inventions

Shortly after its release, I was pointed to this album by Wes Lachot, who I had the privilege of working with years ago on some projects.

A lot of Sam Phillips fans will point to Martinis and Bikinis as their favorite album, and I do have a great affection for that one. Others might give Cruel Intentions the nod, and then go on and on about T-Bone's production (and yes, it's amazing) without another word about the artist.

This now out of print collection of tunes was and is for me, highly affecting. I would say that "Lying" is one of the best songs I have ever heard. Other stand outs are "Go Down", "Raised on Promises" and "Where the Colors Don't Go". As a song writer, this record gave me something to (attempt to) aspire to. Do yourself a favor and pick up a used copy.

And for a more exceptional variety of artist ramblings, visit Sam's blog.

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