Friday, August 14, 2009

Influences: Jeff Beck

Another great record from my all time favorite decade of music and film (and TV).

If the artwork isn't enough to make the hair on the back of any guitar player's neck stand on end, then the first 10 seconds of track one is sure to do the trick.

Not really pop–but it was produced by George Martin. Jeff Beck may be top of the list as far as players that inspire me to want to become a better musician, or just quit all together.

Fave Tracks:


bobbym529 said...

I read about all your influences and understand better why I like your music. It's like your looking through my (and lots of others, I'm sure) albums.
Fragile at age 5. Wow! That must have been something. I was older and it still was a mind blower.

bobbym529 said...

The Jeff Beck reminded me of an obscure album from 1980 that I loved and played to death. It's called Hammer. The group consisted of Jan Hammer, Glen Burtnick, Colin Hodgkinson, and Greg Carter. It's some (mostly) jazz guys doing pop songs. Pretty successfully, I think.

Hard to find. Some samples here: