Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Greg Pope is Making Another Record: Episode II

I'm two days into this new project. I've tracked drums for 6 tunes, and added a few guitars here and there. Tonight: Vocals.

Here's a 40 sec vid of some of my progress...trying to record AND film myself has been a bit overwhelming so I had to kind of stop that for now. More episodes to come.


erint43 said...

so cool...i love it. great seeing you last week.

Big Daddy T said...

love it!

Nathanael said...

I love it!!! And I love this new album Pete!!!! The new album pete gets 10 stars!!!!!!! Good job Mr. Greg!!!! I love How Do You Do It!!!! Favorite song!!!!! In My Head at the beginning is kinda AC/DCish. I like it!!!!! It's fantastic how you can just mix all those tracks together! I love it!!! Thanks for making this new album pete. It's amazing. I have been waiting for this new album for a while. Ever since Noah told me about it. GREAT JOB!!!!!! Can't wait until the next album you make!!!!!!