Thursday, February 26, 2009

Influences: "That Man is Not Very Well"

Keith Moon, pictured here behind his famous "Pictures of Lily" kit. Premier introduced a tribute "Spirit of Lily" kit in '06.

"The big 747 jetliner drifted smoothly through the night sky, seemingly at ease with the gentle breezes that separated Muritania from London. Suddenly the flight's peaceful atmosphere was shattered as the airliner's cockpit door flew open, and a deranged individual with malice etched in his eyes, burst into the crowded compartment. Thoughts of third world revolutionaries and skyjackings surely crossed Captain Barry Newman's mind, but the intruder, instead of pulling out a gun and demanding passage to Cuba, slowly withdrew a pair of drum sticks from his coat pocket and set deliberately about playing an impromptu "solo" on the flight engineer's calculation table. The surprised and somewhat alarmed crew quickly regained their composure and summoned airline security, and advised them to remove the mysterious "visitor" immediately upon landing. As the eventful flight finally touched down at London's Heathrow Airport, and the passenger was forcibly dragged to a waiting ambulance, Captain Newman was heard to mutter, "That man is not very well." Keith Moon had struck again."

By Andy Secher
[Originally published in January of 1979 in "Hard Rock" magazine]

Read the entire article.

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