Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Popmonster on The Power Pop show

Every Friday from 5pm to7pm, The Power Pop Show on KSCU Radio 103.3fm brings a fabulous assortment of power pop to the listening ears in Santa Clara, California--and to the world via The Power Pop Show podcast.

I'm excited to say that Popmonster has been spinning on The Powerpop Show for the past couple of weeks and it's a great honor to be featured along side amazing artists such as The 88, Teenage Fanclub, Ben folds...the list goes on.

A grand, huge THANK YOU to the shows host, Mr. Powerpop himself, Jeff Shelton, who had these kind words to say about my new record on the Kool Kat Musik site:

"Anyone considering contenders for their Top 10 list of 2008, look no further than 'Popmonster'. It's chock full of pure power pop bravado with absolutely no filler. I was floored! The Shazam, Badfinger, Matthew Sweet (at his best) are clear reference points, but all in all this is solid, original power pop of the highest order!" - Jeff Shelton


Emmanuel said...

Hey Greg! How are you? Just want you to know that i have reviewed your album on my blog! It's a FANTASTIC record!!!



Curty Ray said...

Hey Greg!

Fantastic Disc, Thanks for all your hard work. In my top 10 for 2008

Curty Ray
Power Pop Overdose

Greg Pope said...

Thanks so much for the review, Emmanuel! So glad you're enjoying the tunes.
You're very welcome, Curty- my pleasure. Thanks very much for the best of '08 nod.